CAS No: 121-33-5
Einecs No: 204-465-2
HS Code: 090500
Molecular Formula: C8H8O3
Molecular Weight: 152.149 g/mol

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Vanilla powder is one of the important food spices. It has a vanilla bean aroma and a strong milky aroma. Indispensable and important raw material in the food additive industry, it plays a role in enhancing and fixing fragrance, and is widely used in food, chocolate, ice cream, beverages and daily cosmetics.
Vanillin is a monomer, and vanilla is a compound.


Color white tocrystalline powder
Odor Haveing the sweetgrass incense ,have the rich milk incense fragrant and sweet .
Frangrance Having delicate butter preserved plum taste
Loss on drying =<20.0%
Large intestine bacteria =<15 mpn/100g
Colony total =<30000 cfu/g


Use of Vanilla

[1] Vanilla essence is plump, full of fragrance, and water-soluble. It can be added directly to beverages and dairy products and then stirred evenly. Breads, cakes, etc. should be mixed evenly with vanilla essence and dry powder before use.Vanilla extract is full of aroma and is water-soluble. It can be directly added to beverages and dairy products, and then stirred evenly. Bread, cakes, etc. should be evenly mixed with vanilla extract and dry powder before use. It is widely used to increase the various needs of milk aroma. The recommended dosage for fragrant foods is 0.5% to 3%. Vanillin can also be used in industry, such as tobacco, flavored alcohol, toothpaste, soap, perfume cosmetics, rubber flavoring, plastics and other products. It can also be used in medicine, electroplating and other industries, and as a chemical reagent. Play a role in enhancing fragrance It is widely used in various needs to increase milk fragrance.
The recommended dosage in food is 0.5%~3%.

[2] High-temperature baking type, which can be directly used in foods such as bread, cakes, cold drinks, coke chocolate, biscuits, cakes, candies, ice cream, soy milk, dairy products and roasted seeds and nuts. For example: vanilla mug cake, vanilla coke, vanilla buttercream, vanilla milkshake, homemade vanilla pudding, vanilla syrup, vanilla extract recipe, orange vanilla coke, moist vanilla cake,best vanilla cake, orange vanilla coke, vanilla bean ice cream.

[3 ]It has many flavors, such as fresh milk flavor, strawberry flavor, etc.


Appearance: white or light yellow crystalline powder
Vanillin formula :C9H10O3
EINECS No.:204-465-2

Vanillin CAS: 121-33-5
HS CODE:33029000
EINECS No.:204-465-2