Sodium Propionate

CAS No: 137-40-6
E No: E281
Einecs No: 205-290-4
HS Code: 29155000
Molecular Formula: Na(C2H5COO)
Molar Mass: 96.060 g/mol

Brief Introduction

1.  Sodium Propionate / What Is Sodium Propionate
2. Sodium Propionate specification
3. Sodium Propionate health risks
4. Sodium Propionate in food
5. Sodium Propionate is a common disinfectant

Sodium Propionate / What Is Sodium Propionate

Sodium Propionate is one of sodium salt in Propionate,and mostly applying used chemical in the food industry. It is stable at normal room temperature, incompatible with strong oxidants, in fact, it is prepared by reacting of sodium carbonate propionate. Most Application for Sodium Propionate used as food preservative and as a mold inhibitor for Food Products that are susceptible to spoilage and it is a safe food additives as compound when used as Normal standard. Sodium Propionate appearance comes as white crystalline solid or Powder Forms.

 Sodium Propionate specification


Food Grade 137-40-6 E281 Sodium Propionate,food preservatives sodium propionate powder

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Name of index FCC-V E281
Appearance White  crystalline or crystalline powder White  crystalline hygroscopic powder, or a fine white powder
Content 99.0-100.5 (drying basis)% ≥99.0% (105°C,2h)
pH (10 %  aqueous solution) 7.5-10.5
As ≤% 0.0003
Heavy  metals ≤% 0.001
Alkalinity (as Na2CO3) Passes  test (about 0.15%)
Loss on drying ≤% 1 4 (105°C,2h)
Water insoluble ≤% 0.1
Iron ≤% 0.003 0.005
Lead ≤% 0.0002 0.0005
Mercury ≤% 0.0001

Does it Contain Dairy?

Absolutely NOT. Sodium Propionate is not Content with Any Milk Ingredient. Its 100% safe with People who are Lactose intolerance or with milk allergy..

Safety Dose & Health Risk.

According to European Union Under Annex II of Regulation (EC) 1333/2008 for apply in many kinds of food categories ( Bakery and cheese products, etc) up to 3,000mg/kg, The upside Material as Propionic acid (E280) and propionates (E281-283) as food additive has been re-evaluated in 2014 by te EFSA Panel On Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food (EFSA ANS PANEL,2014)
According to the Material safety Data Sheet for Sodium Propionate. Pure chemicals can irritate the skin if used. However, since the general public is not exposed to pure sodium propionate, it is unlikely to be a risk. The risk of consuming sodium propionate is slight if you compare it to consuming products that are contaminated with mold or bacteria. If you’re worried about sodium propionate, buy fresh bread or bake it yoursel

Special Population Precaution

In nearly a decade, People pay attention to healthy diet and nutrition, such as Newborns, Children,Pregnant ,sensitive to Lactic acid population, Better consult to your doctor if you are the person who one of above
GRAS affirmation: Confirmed
Generally Recognized as safe (GRAS) is an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Specified that a chemical or substance added into food is safe by Specialized Subject.

Sodium propionate is a common disinfectant

Sodium propionate is a common food additive, which can be used both in industry and in nature.Because it is toxic to mold and certain types of bacteria, it is a particularly effective additive in baked goods or other perishable products.