Potassium Propionate

CAS No: 327-62-8
No: E283
Einecs No: 206-323-5
HS Code: 29155090
Molecular Formula: C3H5KO2
Molar Mass: 112.1689 g/mol

Brief Introduction:
1. Potassium Propionate Description
2. Potassium Propionate Antimicrobial
3. Potassium Propionate Used In Feed
4. Potassium Propionate Production data in A.M FOODCHEM
5. Packaging and delivery information of Patassium Propionate

Potassium Propionate Description

Potassium propionate ,other name Propanoic acid,potassium salt,Potassium propanoate.The appearance is white granules.EEC approved for use in processed cheese, baked goods, puddings,dairy products.

Potassium Propionate Antimicrobial

Under acidic conditions, it produces free propionic acid, which has antibacterial effect but has no effect on yeast.Application: preservative and mildew – proof agent.Can be used for bread, cakes, dairy products, cheese, pudding anticorrosive.It inhibits the growth of Bacillus aerophilus, which causes the filamentous sticky substance in bread.Used in beer production can inhibit the formation of adverse viscous substances.

Potassium Propionate Used In Feed

Any compound feed is easy to be spoiled by mildew.Certain molds produce a chemical called MYC6 toxin.This substance is toxic and can adversely affect animal health and performance, and ultimately endanger human health.
Potassium propionate preservative has both the good processing property of neutral salt and the high anti-mold activity of propionate.Moreover, unlike propionic acid absorbed into the carrier, potassium propionate does not have the undesirable pungent odor and greatly reduces the evaporation loss of acid.
Especially in the case of animal feed used as feed additives and poultry, low levels of potassium ions are beneficial because potassium in this case may show a diuretic effect.

Chemical name Potassium propionate
C.A.S. number 327-62-8
Chemical formula C3H5KO2
Structural formula CH3CH2COO-K+
Formula weight 112.17
Assay Not less than 99.0 % on the dried basis
DESCRIPTION White or colourless crystals
FUNCTIONAL USES Preservative, antimould and antirope agent
Solubility Freely soluble in water, soluble in ethanol
 Positive test for potassium Passes test
 Positive test for propionate Warm the sample with sulfuric acid. The propionic acid evolved may be recognized by its odour.
 Positive test for alkali salt of organic acid Ignite the sample at a relatively low temperature. The alkaline residue effervesces with

Packaging Details Of Potassium Propionate

Package: 25kg net paper bag or PP bag with PE inner
Shipment: About 15mt net per 20FCL without pallet.(paper bag)
About 16mt net per 20FCL without pallet.(PP bag)
About 12mt net per 20FCL with pallet.
Delivery Time
about two weeks after PO.

Molecular formula:C3H5KO2
Molecular weight:112.17