Menthol Crystal

CAS No: 2216-51-5, 89-78-1
Einecs No: 218-690-9
HS Code: 29061100
Molecular Formula: C10H20O
Molecular Weight: 156.27 g/mol
MOQ: 200KG

Menthol Crystal, also known as peppermint oil crystal, is a versatile organic compound extracted from peppermint essential oil. Its main component, (-)-menthol, imbues it with a natural, refreshing aroma that provides a cooling sensation. Menthol Crystal finds widespread use in medicine, food, cosmetics, and personal care products. Sinochem Supply Chain’s Menthol Crystal products are typically packaged in 25kg fiber drums.

Technical Specifications of Menthol

Appearance Slightly Yellow Clear Liquid
Odor Characteristic Odor Of Menthol Arvensis Peppermint Oil
Optical rotation(20℃) -28°–16°
Specific Gravity(20/20℃) 0.888-0.908
Refractive Index (20℃) 1.456-1.466
Solubility(20℃) 1 Volume Soluble In 3.5 Volumes Of 70% (V/V) Alcohol, Forming A Clear Solution
Total Menthol >= % 50
L-Menthol (By GC) % 28-40
Acid Value =< % 1.5

Menthol Application And Benefits

Menthol Crystal, a natural organic compound extracted from peppermint essential oil, has various applications and benefits in different industries.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry: Menthol crystals are used in the treatment of digestive and stomach disorders, nausea, pain, fever, and headache. It is a commonly used analgesic and anesthetic with a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Cosmetic Industry: Menthol crystals are added to carrier oils and used as a primary ingredient in skin and beauty products. It reduces skin irritation, relieves itching and dry skin, and promotes healthy hair growth.
  3. Aroma-therapeutic Industry: Menthol crystals are used in aromatherapy to create a calm state of mind, reducing anxiety and stress. It also energizes the body and mind.
  4. Tobacco Industry: Menthol is a widely used flavoring agent in cigarettes, along with other sweet flavors. It is extracted or made from the menthol plant.

Menthol Crystal is also used as a natural flavoring additive in the food industry and as a fragrance in cosmetics and personal care products. Its fresh taste and natural source make it a popular choice for manufacturers.