Glucono Delta Lactone

Other Name: GDL
CAS No: 90-80-2
E No: E575
Einecs No: 202-016-5
Molecular Formula: C6H10O6
Molecular Mass: 178.14 g/mol
MOQ: 500KG


Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL), also known as D-gluconic acid delta-lactone, is an organic acidulant and flavoring agent widely used in food processing. It is a white odorless crystalline powder with the chemical formula C6H10O6 and CAS number 90-80-2. When dissolved in water, GDL is slowly hydrolyzed to gluconic acid, making solutions acidic. As a food-grade acidulant, GDL is used to adjust pH, improve texture and extend shelf life of products.

Some main uses of GDL include:

• As a pH regulator in bakery products to develop crust color and texture.

• In dairy products to control acidity, coagulate proteins and produce sour taste.

• In meat products as an acidic flavor enhancer and preservative.

• In beverages to produce a tarter flavor.

• In confectionery products to improve mouthfeel and prevent stickiness.

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