Calcium Benzoate

CAS No: 2090-05-3
E No: E213
Einecs No: 218-235-4
HS Code: 291631
Molecular Formula: C14H10O4Ca
Molecular Weight: 282.3 g/mol

Brief Introduction

1.What is Calcium Benzoate?
2.Uses of Calcium Benzoate
2.1 As a Food Preservative in Substitution of
Sodium Benzoate
2.2 As a PVC Heat Stabilizer Ingredient
2.3 As a Feed Additive Ingredient
3.1 Appearance
3.2 CAS Number
3.3 Chemical formula
3.4 Molar Mass
3.5 Structure
3.6 Solubility:

What is Calcium Benzoate

Calcium Benzoate is the Calcium sale of Benzoic acid. It is a standard food preservative used in soy sauce, juice, and vinegar. Calcium Benzoate is an alternative to the more commonly used Sodium Benzoate when the food’s Sodium content is sensitive. This chemical also has some industrial usages in the PVC and adhesive industries.

Uses of Calcium Benzoate

As a Food Preservative in Substitution of Sodium Benzoate:

Calcium Benzoate can be used as a substitute of Sodium Benzoate when there is a sensitive cap on the food’s Sodium content. It has an antimicrobial mechanism similar to the more common Sodium Benzoate. It can also act as a Calcium supplement.

Calcium Benzoate is commonly used in soft beverages like juices. It is also a preservative used in bread, soy sauce, soy milk and vinegar. Calcium Benzoate can also serve as a water hardness reducer.

As a PVC Heat Stabilizer Ingredient:

Calcium Benzoate can be used as an ingredient in PVC heat stabilizers designed for transparent and flexible/semi-rigid PVC materials.

Some leading plastics manufacturers includes Calcium Benzoate in their production of plastic food packaging.

As a Feed Additive Ingredient:

Calcium Benzoate could be potentially used as a feed additive. Its Calcium ingredient can serve as a Calcium supplement, while its Benzoate portion could improve pigs’ digestive ability, given that Benzoic acid is a widely used feed additive itself.


60-80 Mesh White Crystalline Powder, Other Particle Sizes Can Be Made.

Other Name(s):
Calcium Dibenzoate; Benzoic acid, Calcium salt (2:1)

CAS Number:

Chemical formula:


Molar Mass:
282.3 g/mol


Calcium Benzoate is soluble in water (2.6 g/100ml at 0°C).


Appearance: White powder
Properties: colorless and soluble in water. relative density of 1.44.
Application: For soft drinks, fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar, Preservatives; anti-microbial. Benzoate calcium ions can also be used in feed industry, and growth promoting agents as preservatives.


Content: 99.0% min
Loss on drying 11% max
Arsenic 0.0003% max
Heavy metals 0.001% max
Acidity and alkalinity 6-8
Clarity test qualified
Packing 25kg cardboard pail