Other Names: Synthetic Garlic Oil, Synthetic Garlic Powder on Carrier, Diallyl Disulfide, Diallyl Trisulfide

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1. Basic Properties
2. Product Background
3. Fields of Application
4. Our Advantages
5. Commen Name : Allicin / Garlic Oil / Garlic Powder / Allicin / Allisin
6. Chemical Name:Allyl disulfide, Diallyl Disulfide

Basic Properties

Product Name:Allicin / Garlic Oil / Garlic Powder / Allicin / Allisin
Odor:Strong Scent of Garlic
Primary Ingredients:

1. Diallyl Disulfide
Abbreviation: DADS
Common Name: Garlicin
Chemical Formula: C6H10S2
CAS No.:2179-57-9

2. Dially Trisulfide
Abbreviation: DATS
Common Name: Allitridin
Chemical Formula: C6H10S3
CAS No.: 2050-87-5
Appearance: Yellow-to-Gray Powder
HS Code:230990

Product Background

Although Allicin is not directly present in fresh garlic, Alliinase is easily found in the bulbs of garlic and onions in the Lily family as an odorless but unstable chemical. The Alliinase in fresh garlic will oxidize and decompose into Allicin and other sulfuric Thiosulfites after being crushed. Being also unstable in nature, Allicin will further decompose into the relatively more stable Diallyl Disulfide, Diallyl Trisulfide, and Ajoene. This mixture of chemicals is then processed into garlic oil after deodorization and preservation of vital ingredients.

Fields of Application

Fields of Application

1. Food
It can be used as a food additive in foods and drinks as a spice or flavoring agent.

2. Pharmacy
It can activate cells, promote energy production, increase antibacterial ability, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, blood sugar, prevent cancer, regulate gastrointestinal, and protect liver functions.

3. Veterinary Pharmacy
Garlic has detoxification, sterilization, and disease prevention abilities. It can also treat enteritis, diarrhea and loss of appetite. It has special effects in the treatment of diseases such as rotten gills, red skin, enteritis, bleeding and other diseases caused by various infections of fish, shrimp and turtles. Garlic oil can also reduce cholesterol, and the activity of 7a-cholesterol hydroxylase and lower the cholesterol content in serum, egg yolk and liver.

4. Feed
Adding garlic oil to chicken and turtle feed can enrich meat flavor. The ingestion of garlic oil by other animals will reduce the fishy smell of meat and make the them taste better. Adding 0.1% garlic oil to the feed additives for chickens and pigeons can increase the survival rate by 5% to 15%. It can serve as a food attractant, and can enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion, and therefore promote growth. Garlic oil improves the digestion and utilization of feed. Animal feces containing garlic oil can improve the animals’ living environment. Feeds containing garlic oil are easier to store, they also have the effect of killing all kinds of molds, inhibiting the growth of maggots, reducing the damage of mosquitoes, and improving the breeding environment. It can replace antibiotics, improve animal immunity, is non-toxic, has no side effects, has no drug residues, and has no drug resistance.

5. Aquaculture
Used as insecticide, fungicide in the disinfection and sterilization of the surrounding environment of aquatic products.

6. Industry
Garlic oil is used as odorants in thermal power companies. Being a water leakage odorant, it can effectively help thermal power companies save energy.

Our Advantages

1. We are a professional factory with a large-scale plant and comprehensive equipment for Allicin( Garlic Oil / Garlic Powder)  We offer stable product quality and reliable delivery lead time.
2. We have strict control over product quality from the  allicin (allisin) raw material procedure. We purchase raw materials from publicly listed companies ensuring the quality of raw materials and that of the final product.
3. Our quality control is rigorous, and the garlic allisin production is carried out in strict accordance with the NY/T1497-2007 quality system, ensured by the implementation of combined gas/liquid phases detection.
4. Many low-end products on the market mostly come from small-scale workshop-type factories, thus the quality of the products cannot be controlled. For instance, products from different batches will vary greatly in quality.
5. We have accumulated many years of industrial knowledge in garlic powder (allicin) field. We have great flexibility to adjust the ingredients’ ratio according to the needs of customers.